Moving check List

8 to 14 days before you move

  • Return overdue DVD’s.
  • Collect all the items you may have loaned out.
  • Make arrangements to disconnect gas, electric and other utilities.
  • Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new place.
  • Make arrangements to have major appliances prepped for moving.

2 to 7 days before you move

  • Clear the garage and cabinets of flammables.
  • Prepare a list of what to bring with you in the car or plane.
  • Take down items like the undercounter appliances and pictures.
  • Pack a suitcase with the items you’ll need on the trip.
  • Pack the necessities you’ll need for the first few days.

The day before Moving Day

  • Take down curtains and curtain rods.
  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  • Clean and air out your stove.
  • Plan your meals for tomorrow. You will probably need to eat on the move.
  • Pack your personal belongings except your alarm clock.
  • Board the pets and get the kids to the baby sitters.

Moving Day

  • Collect all keys to locking items. Put them in a safe place.
  • Strip the beds but leave them intact. We will dismantle them.
  • Make sure you’re at home when the movers arrive.
  • Walk around with the lead man while he does the inventory.
  • Make sure everything is ready for the move.
  • Keep your bill of lading and inventory in safe place.
  • Confirm the expected delivery time with the driver.
  • Before you leave, do a final walk through of every room.