How much advance notice do you need to schedule my move?

The general rule of thumb is, the earlier the better. For long distance moves the more notice we have, the more likely it is that your items will arrive on the date you have planned. If you are moving locally the same rule applies but we can generally get it done with a little less notice.

How much can I expect to pay?

A “Hediger Relocation Specialist” will come out to your home at no cost to you. Once there, an assemment will be made for your personal situation. The things we look at are:

  • Distance between your home and the truck.
  • Volume of your belongings.
  • Number of man hours it will take to complete the move.
  • Anything out of the ordinary that might result in a delay.

Our specialist will combine all the elements and generate a written estimate for you. Please keep in mind that this an estimate. Although we do everything possible to stick to the terms of the estimate variables that are beyond our control and could not have been foreseen by HRS may occur and could mean additional charges on the final bill. We will keep you informed throughout the move so that there are no surprises.

When is the best time of year to move?

The summer months are by far the busiest time of year for movers in general. It is a good idea to try to stay away from holiday weekends when traffic can be an issue, however move when it is right for YOU. We will be there.

How long does the move usually take?

This is dependent on a number of factors such as season, traffic and weather conditions, distance to the destination and load/unload time. All moves are scheduled by our “HRS Relocation Specialists” to provide the most efficient pick up and delivery times available.

What is a Tarriff?

A Tarriff is somewhat like a menu. It is a descriptive list of rules, regulations, services and charges used by all motor carriers that provide interstate transportation of household items. Tarrifs are published by each individual motor carrier.

If my new home isn't ready can you store my belongings?

We carry a list of Self Storage providers we feel confident in recommending. Another appointment will need to be scheduled to move your belongings from storage into your new residence. Additional charges will also apply.

Do I need to pay special attention to my appliances?

Most electrical and mechanical appliances require some attention to be certain they will not be damaged during your move. Moving parts should be secured to prevent damage. Gas appliances should be disconnected by a professional prior to moving day. It is the owners responsibility be certain that all appliances are ready for moving prior to our arrival. If you would like us to perform this service please let our “HRS Relocation Specialist” know you require our help while they are there for the estimate. We will plan accordingly.

How do I handle payment?

Unless prior arrangements have been made you will be expected to render payment prior to unloading the truck at your destination.

May I pack my own dishes and if so do you have any tips?

It has been our experience that a great majority of people prefer having their delicate items handled by the professionals. If your prefer to pack yourself we say go for it. We can assist you with Boxes and Packing Supplies. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

  • Wrap glasses and stemware individually with inkless newsprint.
  • Provide plenty of room between each item in the carton. Pack plenty of loose paper between items to prevent them from banging into one another.
  • Place heavier items in the bottoms of the cartons
  • Stack boxes across first, then upward, placing the heaviest boxes on the bottom to avoid crushing and toppling.
  • Create a carton or two for “Necessities” Include a phone book for the new destination, list of things to do, Baby and childrens items, and anything else you can’t live without. Make sure that these boxes are the last thing on the truck so that they will be the first thing off. If you are traveling a distance you might consider keeping these things with you.

Do I really need to empty all my drawers?

Not really if it is kept within reason. You may keep clothing inside the drawers but please remove heavier items such as books to prevent possible damage to your furniture while it is on the road. Be sure you pack jewelry and other valuables to prevent them from being lost in the cracks and crevices.

Are there any items I will need to move myself?

You will be responsible for the following items.

  • Jewelry and other Valuables
  • Frozen Food Items
  • House Plants
  • Pets

it is always a good idea to board your pets before we arrive.